Explore the Benefits of Cloud Contact Center Software

The cloud is everywhere, but contact centers are reluctant to make the move to the cloud. A recent survey found only 21% of contact centers are already using the cloud, a surprising statistic since cloud-based solutions, such as CRMs, are commonly accepted in many businesses.

Cloud Advantages

Why consider moving to the cloud? Here are some reasons cited by our customers:

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Quickly Scale Up Or Down

With the cloud, it’s easy to quickly add or remove agents based on fluctuating call volumes – this is relevant if your business is seasonal or volumes vary based on
predictable patterns.

Stable and Reliable

Cloud solutions are held to a higher standard for system reliability. This especially true if you choose a provider, like Serenova, with a guaranteed SLA.

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Location Is Irrelevant

It doesn’t matter where agents are based, they only need a web browser and Internet connection to get started. This means you can choose from a bigger pool of potential employees including work-from-home or outsourced agents, or utilize a virtual contact center model.

Reduced Infrastructure Costs and Minimal Maintenance

Since both hardware and software are based in the cloud, capital expenses and ongoing system maintenance are significantly reduced (and it’s your cloud provider’s responsibility to handle them).

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One Version Of The Truth

Using separate, siloed solutions often means data can’t easily be shared. With a unified cloud solution, all information is accessible – even if it’s in multiple systems – so you always have one version of the truth that you can trust.

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True Omnichannel Customer Experience

A unified cloud solution easily connects a customer’s journey across any channel. For instance, if a customer contacts you via chat and then switches to phone, agents can access the full interaction history so they can support the customer across all channels.


No more fixed pricing or contracting for the maximum number of seats to satisfy fluctuating call volumes. The cloud is far more economical, because it allows for flexible pricing based on what you actually use.

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Rapid Access To The Latest Software and Product Updates

You’ll always have access to the most recent software updates without lifting a finger to update PCs or laptops. The next time your team logs in, they’ll have the latest software ready and waiting to use – all without any system downtime.

Migrate Your Call Center With Confidence.

Every customer engagement starts with an implementation roadmap designed for your success. With a worldwide distribution of data centers, along with global telephony extensibility, our professional services team will guarantee your migration is successful based on your criteria and timeline.