Voice Contact Center Solution

Talk to your customers in a CRM-integrated toolbar or single agent desktop environment, with 360° analytic visibility and WebRTC-powered call center functionality.

Next-Generation Contact Center Telephony

According to the 2016 Call Intelligence Index, 65% of people prefer to contact a business by phone. Omnichannel has only driven the demand for voice access to businesses, with other channels driving customers to reach out with a call. Why does this demand still exist? Because it’s the fastest channel for solving problems. Resolve issues fast, with a personal touch, with CxEngage’s voice capabilities, built into the same environment where agents take all omnichannel contacts.

CxEngage features the Command and Control architecture, offering the best voice quality, lowest latency, fewest telco fees, and greatest scalability of any cloud contact center.

Voice Contact Center Features

Voice in the Cloud

With WebRTC and VoIP powering our voice solution, all you need is the internet and a headset to get agents and other reps talking.

Intelligent Call Routing

Route callers based on skills, SLA, priority, performance, cost, and CRM data to ensure customers speak to the most appropriate agent for the situation.

Choose Your Environment

Choose to deploy CxEngage voice as our CRM-integrated Agent Toolbar or as the Skylight for CxEngage Agent Desktop with CRM Lite.

Real Time Screen Pop

Get out-of-the-box Computer Telephony Integration with Salesforce.com and Zendesk CRMs, or integrate with ease to the CRM of your choosing with our open API.

Outbound Blending

Blur the lines between inbound and outbound and service and sales, with seamless outbound calling functionality.

SMS Blending

Follow up via SMS with surveys and other information, or let customers initiate phone calls from proactive text messages.

Call Visualizer

Visual reporting dashboards show queue and call statistics so you always know what’s happening in your call center.

Custom Alerts

You can’t spend 24/7 in dashboards. Set up alerts for events like number of callers in queue, so no service degradation flies under the radar.


  • Voice call back option based on pre-defined queue time
  • Post call surveys for immediate feedback on agents or other topics
  • Omnichannel interaction history available within screen pop
  • Outbound call preview dialer prepares agents before reaching out
  • Voice and screen capture records all customer interactions for quality assurance

Flawless Voice for the Enterprise Contact Center

Command and Control

Solving the Top Problems of the Call Center

Our unique Command and Control architecture built on Amazon Web Services improves call quality, reduces latency, cuts telephony costs, and allows unlimited scalability up, out, and back down again as needed for a truly agile contact center.

All in One

360° Control and Visibility

CxEngage gives you a truly omnichannel experience, with inbound and outbound channels and tools in the same interface. Agents can pivot seamlessly between Voice, SMS, Email, Chat, Facebook Messenger, and 3rd-party custom work items.

Complete Control

Effortless Administration

Instantly provision tenants, sub-tenants, and business units without IT assistance. Build flows without complex programming using a drag and drop interface. Intelligently route contacts to the right team with intuitive rule builders based on multiple criteria.

Global Scalability

Flexible Solution with On Demand Capacity

With access to 84 data centers in 13 regions around the world, you can deploy contact centers and agents wherever they are needed. Host voice in-region while reducing latency by putting your agents where your customers call from.

The Omnichannel Voice Solution

Our voice solution is part of the CxEngage cloud contact center platform. CxEngage is the always-on, highly secure, true multi-tenant, and instantly scalable Contact Center as a Service (CCaaS) platform designed to enable exceptional customer experiences, anywhere, anytime. 

Use CxEngage as the Skylight standalone agent desktop with CRM Lite or as an Agent Toolbar embedded directly within CRMs like Salesforce or Zendesk.