Virtual Contact Center Solution

Deploy or scale a contact center rapidly, anywhere, anytime, with the Serenova virtual call center software. Serenova's AWS-based cloud contact center software empowers at-home and other remote agents with browser-based voice, ACD, and IVR, plus full integration with CRM via Open CTI.

Virtual call center software overview dashboard

CxEngage cloud contact center platform lets agents work from home or anywhere else in the world, as productively as any premise-based agent. Adopting a virtual call center increases operational agility and delivers cost savings by enabling outsourcing and reducing facilities and infrastructure footprint. CxEngage’s pay-for-what-you use model further optimizes your operation with the ability to increase and decrease capacity to meet real-time demands without paying for idle capacity.

Virtual Call Center Software

In-Toolbar Metrics

Situationally aware agents.

Remote agents can see personal and call center metrics right in the toolbar, to instantly correct course or prepare for an influx of contacts. 

Remote Supervision

Situationally aware managers.

With features like silent monitor and barge-in, contact center managers can stay aware of agent performance and step in where needed to ensure key metrics are always met.


Browser-based telephony.

With several options for WebRTC telephony, CxEngage gives your agents browser-based call coverage anywhere across the globe, drastically reducing the cost and complexity of running a virtual contact center. 

Agent Lite

Internet failure recovery for agents.

Agents can always be available to accept inbound calls, even when they lose internet access, simply by alerting the system to temporarily reroute calls to their landline or mobile phone by dialing into a dedicated IVR.

Skills and Data-Based Routing

Utilize the right agent, every time.

Ensure customers reach the best available agent for their needs and for the requirements and priorities of the business, every time.

Salesforce Integration with Open CTI

Context and customer-aware agents.

Our agent toolbar CRM integrations, including Salesforce with Open CTI, lets agents take contacts right within your system of record for customer history.

The Most Trusted Virtual Call Center Solution

Serenova knows the realities of operating a complex network of agents. It’s part of our heritage. Our technology founded one of the very first agent outsourcing companies, now with a network of over 20,000 independent, at-home agents. Our largest virtual contact center customers juggle highly varied skillsets, fragmented operations, and multiple team configurations in global contact center environments. Our experience supporting these operations provides unique insight into the link between operational success and the technology that enables it.

  •  Rapidly deploy customer service agents and sales teams in virtual, remote, and hybrid contact centers.
  •  Scale on demand with additional agents who can work productively within complex, global operations.
  •  Streamline customer access to the most appropriate agent, with our intelligent multichannel routing.

We bring experience and awareness of best practices to create software that helps you to deliver outstanding results in deploying complex contact centers utilizing remote and hybrid workforces across multiple locations.