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The always-on, highly secure, true multi-tenant and instantly scalable cloud Contact Center as a Service platform that transforms the way businesses and individuals interact and perceive each other. 

Command & Control Architecture

CxEngage solves the industry’s 3 biggest problems – call quality, call latency, and scalability - Calls never leave the PBX

Global Reach

Deployed on AWS, Serenova offers unparalleled scalability redundancy, and performance

Easy & Intuitive 

CxEngage can be deployed in days rather than months.
Easy to support remote workers or a fully virtualized workforce with no software or equipment to install. 
Our emphasis on UX and Reporting make it easy to use the system and understand your data. 

Open & Flexible

An API-first architecture supports both out of the box and custom integrations for current third party applications and whatever may come next. 

Simple. Smart. Agile. Welcome to the experience economy.

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