SMS Contact Center Solution

Enable self and assisted service across sales, marketing and customer service with SMS in an omnichannel contact center solution.

Text Messaging for the Contact Center

With CxEngage, you can give customers self-service features like automated responses to text codes. You can enable time-saving features like text-to-queue, letting customers enter a callback queue without ever dialing in. You can send automated follow-up surveys where they’re most likely to see the them, while the interaction is fresh in their minds. 

Blend SMS with other channels. Blur the lines between customer service, self-service, and proactive service. Improve ROI while delighting your customers.

SMS Contact Center Features

Channel Blending

SMS is strongest as a service channel when supporting other channels. CxEngage lets you blend SMS into any other channel flow.


Configure CxEngage to automatically send text messages at any point during an interaction flow or to initiate an action or sequence on receipt of a customer text.

Messaging Templates

Pre-configure message templates, assigned to agents by user profile, that help maintain consistency and accelerate response times.


Agents and sales people can initiate text messages to customers in the CRM or by phone number, directly in the Skylight for Cxengage or Agent Toolbar environment.


Let customers initiate a contact by texting the contact center. This can add them to a call-back queue or initiate any number of response flow types.

Inbound/Outbound Blending

Intelligent routing and our powerful flow builder enable complex blending of inbound and outbound flows, for responsive and proactive service deployed with ease.

Self Service

Enable automatic responses to messages containing certain keywords or phrases, so customers can get answers to queries without agent help.


Send a follow up survey when the interaction is fresh in their mind, for interactions on any channel, to where users are most likely to see and respond: their phone.


  • Send group text messages, such as in cases of multiple customers copied on a ticket
  • Send international text messages
  • Send and receive multimedia (MMS) messages
  • Pro-actively notify users of important status updates
  • Escalate easily from self-service to agent assistance when needed
  • Get built-in compliance tools, such as mobile opt-in
  • Utilize short codes and long codes
  • Learn from integrated campaign reporting
  • Integrate with CRMs including and Zendesk

Improve Customer Experience While Reducing Operational Costs

Operational Efficiency

Automated or Agent-Assisted SMS Service

CxEngage lets you seamlessly blend automation and self-service with agent-assisted service. By monitoring self-service interactions and giving customers the ability to pivot to an agent interaction, you improve the customer experience while minimizing agent resource usage.

Support the Customer Lifecycle

SMS for Marketing, Sales, and Service

You can send outbound marketing campaigns as automated responses and campaigns. Sales can automatically respond to lead requests and prospect via one on one text. By working in the same SMS tool, your inbound and outbound teams provide cohesive, delightful customer experiences.

Data-Driven Improvement

Text Analytics and Survey Reporting

Our unified, customer-experience oriented SMS solution lets you leverage powerful analytical tools and reporting engine for SMS campaigns. Measure sentiment with text analytics and see omnichannel survey results in one place, for unparalleled ROI awareness.

Works Where You Work

Embed in Your CRM or Utilize Standalone

Use CxEngage and its SMS features within, Zendesk, or another CRM. Use it as a standalone tool in the Skylight for CxEngage agent workspace. Or, use a mix of these approaches. CxEngage is flexible enough to adapt to how you work.

The Omnichannel SMS Solution

Our SMS solution is part of the CxEngage cloud contact center solution. CxEngage is the always-on, highly secure, true multi-tenant, and instantly scalable Contact Center as a Service (CCaaS) platform designed to enable exceptional customer experiences, anywhere, anytime. 

Businesses can automate SMS flows with CxEngage’s flow builder tool. Agents and sales professionals can use SMS within Skylight for CxEngage or from the Agent Toolbar embedded in the CRM.