For Brighter Agent Experiences

The CxEngage cloud contact center Skylight agent interface

Unified Agent Desktop

Skylight for CxEngage provides contact center agents with a single workspace to talk, text, chat, and message customers with customer contact management, journey mapping, scripting, and performance statistics all embedded within the desktop for maximum performance and continual guidance each and every day.

Skylight agent desktop with labelled UI components

If your agent interface doesn’t look at least a little bit like this - then it’s time to do something different.

– Sheila McGee-Smith, President & Principal Analyst, McGee-Smith Analytics

Global & Remote Workforce Ready

Accessed through a secure online portal and with no software to install or hardware to manage, Skylight is the most reliable, flexible, and intuitive agent experience, designed to support agents in the contact center, the home-office, or anywhere else in the world.


Give agents immediate access to customer information, interaction history with recordings and transcripts, and embed a knowledge base or any external reference material so they have the information they need, when they need it.


Help agents succeed with a single interaction panel for true omni-channel engagement and guide them through each conversation with scripting and customizable messaging templates. 


Choose the metrics that matter most to your business and embed them into the Skylight desktop so agents can continually self-manage and improve their performance throughout the day.

Brighter Interactions

Unified Workspace

Maximize agent efficiency with customer contact management, multi-channel engagement, global call controls, statistics, scripting, and metrics -all in a single unified desktop interface

Simplified Interaction Controls

Click-to-dial, dial pad, and directory-led transfer in a clean and intuitive interface so agents can focus more on the customer and less on the tool.


Agents can support multiple departments or business units from a single interface simultaneously through the day, without logging out and back in again.

Brighter Insights

Customer Journey Mapping

Full visibility into historical interactions including call recordings and chat and email transcripts.

Guided Interactions

Improve first call resolution and accelerate agent proficiency with scripting and messaging templates.

Brighter Outcomes


Customizable agent metrics built right into the global footer for real-time feedback.

Reduced IT Footprint

Integrated contact management (CRM Lite) with interaction history reduces needs for investment in a standalone CRM.

Less is More

Fewer applications to switch between means greater agent productivity and the ability to support a higher volume of interactions.

Streamline the Agent Experience

Skylight for CxEngage optimizes the agent desktop by reducing the number of applications an agent switches between and the number of clicks needed to complete the most common functions. By unifying these tools and processes into a single, seamless interface, your agents will work faster and more efficiently than ever.