Gamification techniques to benchmark performance

By giving agents visibility into their performance, they can benchmark their efforts against other agents and themselves. Gamification techniques are used to increase engagement by rewarding agents when specific goals are achieved.

Boost Contact Center Productivity

CxEngage Scoreboard is Serenova’s performance management solution that offers visibility into key performance indicators that can positively impact the customer experience.

With CxEngage Scoreboard, supervisors can create a culture of continuous development by boosting agents’ productivity, positively impacting important call metrics such as handle time and after-call work, and improving agents’ motivation and morale.

CxEngage Performance Management Scoreboard

Real-Time Performance Dashboards

Customizable dashboards for both agents and supervisors indicate key performance metrics, such as average handle times, service levels, and wrap-up times. With CxEngage Scoreboard, you can publicly display metrics and KPIs that drive agent behavior – motivating employees with an automated slideshow of rankings, awards, and achievements.

Screenshot of the agent dashboard

Automated Coaching Tools

Leverage analytics to identify opportunities for agent improvement. CxEngage Scoreboard can auto-generate coaching sessions based on set performance thresholds, creating a culture of continuous development. And with real-time communication capabilities, supervisors can aid agents more quickly during customer interactions.

Screenshot of the Serenova dashboard
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