Workforce Optimization Software

With 81% of companies recognizing customer experience as a competitive differentiator, it’s important to do all you can to positively impact customer retention and satisfaction. Implementing a workforce optimization program can be a powerful tool for consistently delivering excellent customer experiences.

Components of a Successful WFO System

  • Workforce Management
    Intelligent staffing and scheduling based on real-time forecasts and historical data
  • Quality Management
    Call and screen recording to effectively monitor, evaluate and coach agents
  • Performance Management
    Setting personal targets, benchmarks and achievements for each agent to deliver positive customer experiences

A Solution Built For You

One of our core tenets is fitting into your ecosystem. To that end, you have a choice when it comes to workforce optimization: you can choose to use our native solutions, which are unified with our cloud-based platform, CxEngage, or if you already have a preferred workforce optimization solution, we offer pre-built integrations with popular solutions from Verint, Teleopti, and Calabrio.

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Learn how Serenova’s solutions can positively impact your contact center.

Workforce Management

Intuitive, enterprise-class workforce management solutions from Serenova. Powered by a robust forecasting and schedule optimization engine, Serenova WFM provides real-time monitoring to increase workforce productivity, reduce attrition, and save administration time.

Quality Management

CxEngage’s native quality management solution provides a unified ecosystem to help you manage your cloud contact center and proactively coach your agents.

Performance Management

By delivering real-time, customized data to every agent – such as personal targets, benchmarks, and achievements – CxEngage Scoreboard can help Supervisors create a culture of continuous development and agent engagement. You can also increase engagement by using gamification techniques to reward them when specific goals are achieved.