Workforce Optimization Software

With 81% of companies recognizing customer experience as a competitive differentiator, it’s important to do all you can to positively impact customer retention and satisfaction. Implementing a workforce optimization program can be a powerful tool for consistently delivering excellent customer experiences.

The Components of Workforce Optimization

  • Workforce Optimization
    Optimizing agent performance to improve the customer experience
  • Workforce Management
    Agent scheduling and forecasting
  • Quality Management
    Recording and evaluating interactions

A Solution Built For You

One of our core tenets is fitting into your ecosystem. To that end, you have a choice when it comes to workforce optimization: you can choose to use our native workforce optimization/quality management solution, which is unified with our cloud-based solution, CxEngage, or if you already have a preferred workforce optimization solution, we offer pre-built integrations with popular solutions from Verint, Teleopti, and Calabrio.

CxEngage Quality Management

See how CxEngage’s native quality management solution provides a unified ecosystem to help you manage your cloud contact center and proactively coach your agents.

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Quality Management

Quality management is a key factor in boosting the customer experience, because it pinpoints where your team is doing well in delivering outstanding service and areas for improvement.

CxEngage Quality Management monitors and evaluates agents’ interactions with customers by recording calls, capturing agents’ desktop screens and facilitating the evaluation of agents’ performance.

With this critical information, you can identify exactly where each agent is delivering great service while uncovering opportunities for additional training and coaching. CxEngage Quality Management is unified with the larger CxEngage platform, which creates one powerful solution for delivering outstanding customer experiences. CxEngage also supports workforce optimization/quality management solutions from Verint, Teleopti, and Calabrio.

CxEngage Quality Management Process

  1. Agent Recording
    Record both voice and screen interactions
  2. Recording Selection
    Select which recording(s) to evaluate by Quality Manager
  3. Recording Evaluation
    Review and score agents against customizable criteria
  4. Coaching Recommendations
    Receive recommendations from CxEngage for agents to coach on particular skills
  5. Agent Coaching and Learning Management
    Share feedback and action/learning plans with agent

Workforce Management

Workforce management optimizes staffing and increases forecast accuracy so you always have the right number of agents available to achieve your service levels. Workforce management minimizes administrative effort, improves agent engagement and schedule adherence, and optimizes headcount requirements which, in turn, reduces labor costs.

Serenova partners with leading third-party workforce management solutions from Verint, Teleopti, and Calabrio so you can choose the system that best fits your requirements. All are fully integrated with the CxEngage platform.

Our latest acquisition of WFM technology, Proscheduler, expands our native WFO portfolio to drive revenue, retention, cost savings, and loyalty across your contact center. Visit our official press release to learn more.

CxEngage Workforce Management Process

  • Plan
    • Shift dynamically as events occur
    • Leverage rules based architecture
    • Adjust to skill level
  • Administer
    • Work where you need with mobile capabilities
    • Enable easy shift-trading
    • Accommodate for intraday scheduling
    • Track adherence in real-time
    • Receive alerts and notifications
  • Forecast 
    • Forecast long-term needs accurately, taking availability and attrition into account
    • Understand and analyze budget, capacity and hiring requirements
  • Schedule 
    • Align schedules with budget targets
    • Accommodate for capacity needs
    • Hire for targeted schedules
    • Enable and optimize for vacation requests

Performance Management

CxEngage Scoreboard is a performance management solution that offers visibility into key performance indicators that can positively impact the customer experience.

With CxEngage Scoreboard, you can boost agents’ productivity, positively impact important call metrics such as handle time and after-call work, and improve agents’ motivation and morale.

By giving agents visibility into their performance, they can benchmark their efforts against other agents and themselves. You can also increase engagement by using gamification techniques to reward them when specific goals are achieved.