Workforce Management Analytics Software

Effective contact centers and back offices balance service-level commitments with budget requirements. Ensure efficient operations and satisfy customer expectations with the right analytics and workforce management tools.

TelStrat Analyze Pro

Automatically analyze all customer interactions across all channels – and zero in on language, emotions, or other factors to uncover new insights. Categorize, tag and score interactions to identify trends. Automatically analyze interactions for actionable insights. Easily find root causes by mining .WAV files for specific works and phrases.

Icon identifying trends and insights

Quickly Identify Trends and Insights

Receive alerts seconds after key terms/phrases occur across channels. Rapidly identify trends, competitor insights and retention opportunities.

Pinpoint recordings

Pinpoint Recordings Needing More Analysis

Easily retrieve calls of interest with advanced playback, custom search, and one-click filtering to monitor priority calls and interactions.

Achieve HIPAA and PCI Compliance

Desktop analytics from Serenova helps support regulatory compliance. It automatically triggers actions such as pause/resume, and censors sensitive data fields in screen capture recording. Record non-call-related interactions to document in-person transactions, such as banking, ticket sales, and customer service.

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TelStrat Desktop Analytics

Improve productivity, automate processes, and enhance quality by turning CRM desktop activities into intelligence. Automatically tag interactions when agents fail to perform required activities. Append a unique URL to each recorded call for ready playback of interactions directly from within the CRM entry screen or common Web browsers.

TelStrat Workforce Management

Accurately and easily schedule skilled agents to meet service levels. Predict future requirements and use wizard tools for simple forecasting. Let agents enter schedule preferences and see performance via the My Time web-based agent portal and mobile app. Improve agent motivation and performance using gamification features.