Call Recording & Quality Management Software

To optimize your contact center and workforce, you need insight into every agent interaction with customers. Equip yourself with the tools to ensure high-quality customer interactions and optimal agent performance.

TelStrat Record

Record the audio of a call randomly, at scheduled points in time, or on demand – and from the start no matter when recording begins. Empower your supervisors to monitor live calls and listen to end-to-end call recordings when a caller is transferred. Resolve disputes quickly, support legal defense, and monitor agents with rock-solid call recordings.

Easily Search & Retrieve Call Details

Drill through millions of call results by any metric. Quickly search with one-click filtering. Easily combine groups of fields for complex searches

Play Back Voice & Screen Interactions

Analyze any interaction by simply playing a multimedia clip on the desktop. Share the voice-plus-screen .WMV file on a network or via email.

TelStrat Capture - Screen Capture

Get a clear view into how agents interact with customers and more easily and effectively optimize your workforce. Seeing the activities on agents’ screens positions your supervisors to fine-tune team skills and your contact center’s call-related operational processes.

Gain Visibility Into All Customer Interactions

Gain a complete view into all call audio and screen activity by integrating call recordings with synchronized video recordings of agents’ desktops.

Monitor & Coach Teams of Agents

Record multiple desktop screens simultaneously. Pinpoint issues, and identify common agent problems and training needs.

Monitor in Real Time

Monitor all ports or agent screens live, and play back sessions on one or more monitors. Fine-tune workflows and ensure agents adhere to processes.

TelStrat QM

Empower your supervisors, trainers, Quality Assurance teams, and agents to optimize customer interactions. Review live-monitored and recorded calls, and synchronized voice and screen recordings via a user-friendly interface. Automatically analyze interactions for actionable insights. Enhance service quality, determine call-handling effectiveness and confirm agents are adhering to scripts and processes, all with a sophisticated call center quality management software.

Evaluate & Improve Team Performance

Easily manage team performance via intuitive interface. Listen, watch, evaluate and score agents, and deliver effective coaching and e-Learning.

Inspire With Better Coaching & E-learning

Provide packaged call content with e-Learning resources to coach agents and improve KPIs with instant, relevant, and regular feedback.

Ensure the Highest Quality Interactions

Easily, efficiently and quickly perform evaluations. Prepare agents to excel by providingin-depth performance reporting.