Integrate Zendesk With Your Call Center

Your Zendesk CRM is already in the cloud – why not integrate it with CxEngage, our cloud contact center solution, to improve the customer experience, maximize your agents’ productivity, and reduce operating costs? With our Zendesk integration, you can put customers’ information at your agents’ fingertips.

Zendesk Integration Benefits

By combining the power of your CRM and contact center solution, key customer information from Zendesk will be “popped” onto agents’ CxEngage screen which eliminates the need to constantly switch between applications. Not only does this reduce call handle times and boost agents’ efficiency, it also helps agents personalize interactions by giving them the customer’s information up-front.


Enhance The Customer Experience

Agents’ speed and accuracy is increased, because it takes fewer clicks to complete common tasks. This reduces customer frustration and helps drive positive experiences, because customers aren’t waiting for agents to locate their information.

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Boost Agent Productivity

CxEngage puts the customer profile front-and-center on the agent’s screen with the most critical information in clear view. Agents can easily drill down for additional customer details, such as interaction history across every channel.

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Easy To Respond Across Multiple Channels

Agents can respond to customers across any channel or pivot seamlessly from one channel to another as needed – all from the same interface. Channels supported include phone, email, chat, SMS text, and Facebook messaging.

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Full Visibility Into Actions

Agents have full visibility into historical interactions including notes, call recordings, and chat/email transcripts so they can focus on the customer rather than fumbling with software.

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Increased Efficiency

Decrease handle time and improve important call metrics by giving agents a unified tool set and quick access to key customer data.

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Synchronized Customer Data

All interaction information and notes are updated in your Zendesk CRM so customer records are kept up-to-date.

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Ready to Improve Your Customer Experience?

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