Contact Center Integrations

CxEngage, our cloud contact center solution, is designed to fit into your ecosystem by offering pre-built integrations to the most preferred CRM providers, Engagement solutions, and Workforce Optimization solutions. You can also build your own custom integrations using our APIs.

Pre-Built CRM Integrations

By integrating your CRM’s valuable customer data with CxEngage, you’ll have an even more powerful platform for delivering insight-rich customer experiences. We offer pre-built integration to the two most popular CRMs: Salesforce and Zendesk.

  • Boost productivity by giving your agents instant access to critical customer information without tedious and time-consuming switching between applications.
  • Reduce Average Handle Time by “popping” key information, such as customer name or order status, onto the agent’s screen. By automatically pulling in this valuable data from your CRM, agents can personalize calls and deliver a positive customer experience.
  • Increase the number of outbound interactions that agents can make with click-to-dial for phone, SMS, or email.
  • Intelligently route inbound calls by matching customers to the agents who can best service them.

Workforce Optimization

Choose from our native solutions, CxEngage Quality Management and ProScheduler WFM, or take advantage of our pre-built integrations with leading third-party workforce optimization solutions from Verint, Teleopti, and Calabrio.

Payment Collection Solution

Protect your contact center and your customers with a secured payment solution. Serenova’s pre-built integration with Key IVR fosters a PCI-DSS Level 1 compliant cloud platform. Deliver seamless customer experiences and ensure your agents are never exposed to sensitive payment and cardholder data.

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Visual IVR

Give your voice callers an outstanding customer experience while improving self-service and reducing call volumes by 10% or more. Visual IVR lets callers navigate IVR options visually, on a mobile app, rather than using a traditional phone-based IVR. It increases self-service capabilities by reducing the number of expensive calls your contact center takes and appeals to a broad audience including satisfying younger generations’ preferences for using a mobile app versus a phone tree.

Build Your Own Integration with Serenova APIs

Have a CRM or other application you’d like to integrate with CxEngage that’s not listed above? Not to worry – you can build a custom integration to other applications using our REST APIs. You’ll be able to extend the CxEngage platform and compose your own solutions any way you wish.

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