Video-Enabled Call Center Software

CxEngage, our call center software solution, was built with the everyday challenges your contact centers face. Learn how our contact center solution helps call centers deliver the fundamentals needed to power seamless customer experiences, deliver superior customer support, and streamline your communication channels.

Eliminate Data Silos

CxEngage runs on cloud architecture so all of your systems, data, processes, and customer interactions are unified and easily shared across your organization. Additionally, our cloud-based solution allows for seamless integrations with your other systems so all of your data is safe and accessible to support teams.

CxEngage Is Your All-in-One Call Center Solution

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Rock-Solid Reliability

Trust that your call center solution will be up and running when you need it.

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Insightful Analytics and Reporting

Bring all of your data together so you have a single source of truth.

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Ability To Rapidly Scale

Dynamic scalability handles fluctuating call volumes, call distribution, and omnichannel routing.

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Global Reach

Support your remote workforce anywhere in the world with an Internet connection.

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CxEngage is integrated with industry-leading CRM providers and Workforce Optimization solutions.

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High Quality Global Voice

Get affordable global telephony that delivers crystal clear voice quality—even internationally.

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True Omnichannel

Give customers a consistent experience across voice, chat, email, text, and social media—meet them where they want to engage.

Rock-Solid Stability

One of CxEngage’s core building blocks is stability. You need to trust that your contact center solution will be up and running when you need it. We use Amazon Web Services (AWS) as our infrastructure backbone, which gives us outstanding reliability.

Insightful Analytics

Say goodbye to relying on a team to pull reports from multiple systems and wrangle data so it makes sense. Since CxEngage is a unified platform, data is gathered from disparate systems (like your CRM) so you can easily create your own reports, view trends, make decisions, and have an impact. You’ll finally have a single source of truth you can trust.

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Omnichannel Customer Experience

A true omnichannel strategy refers to delivering a unified experience across all channels. For example, if a customer texts your contact center and later switches to the phone, any live agent that helps the customer will have the full context of the text session and can pick up where the last agent left off. Essentially, customers can switch channels as they please without starting the conversation over, and agents have the information at their fingertips to easily service customers regardless of the channel.

CxEngage supports the following channels:

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Text Messaging

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Facebook Messenger

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Customer Journey Redefined

We’ve designed CxEngage so your team can define the optimal customer journey and deploy it on-the-fly. Our visual Flow Designer is easy to understand and easy to use—no programming, Professional Services, or special technical skills needed.

You understand your contact center and real-time needs the best, so we’ve put the power in your hands.

Your call center agents and personnel can easily make these updates:

  • Create or modify IVR routing so interactions are sent to the agents who can best serve them
  • Update IVR messaging such as notifying customers of service outages
  • Re-allocate resources on-the-fly to manage unexpected call volumes
  • Re-direct inquiries to a different queue or set of resources in response to a change in site conditions
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Ready to Improve Your Customer Experience?

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Workforce Optimization

Find out how we can fit into your existing ecosystem.

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Create a powerful system with our pre-built integrations.

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