Skylight: Unified Agent Desktop Software

Increase agent productivity with CxEngage’s built-in agent desktop, Skylight. Providing a unified desktop, Skylight allows agents to talk, text, chat, and message customers with context – all from one place rather than tediously switching between multiple applications.

A Powerful Combination

We want you to have choices when it comes to integrating a CRM with CxEngage, our cloud contact center platform. If you aren’t already using a third-party CRM, like Salesforce or Zendesk, you can utilize Agent Desktop for CxEngage, our built-in CRM.

With the powerful combination of CxEngage and Agent Desktop, your agents have immediate access to key customer information and can work faster and more efficiently.

Agent Desktop Benefits

Increase Efficiency and Productivity

Boost agents’ productivity and efficiency by reducing the number of applications agents need to switch between to support customers. With fewer applications to manage, agents can support a higher volume of interactions.

Put Customer Information At Agents’ Fingertips

Agents have quick access to key customer information, because Agent Desktop puts the customer profile front and center, with the most critical and recent information in clear view. Agents can also drill down for additional details such as interaction history.

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Support Multiple Channels With Minimal Effort

Agents can easily respond to customers regardless of the channel and pivot between channels as needed – all without navigating between multiple applications. Supported channels include: phone, email, chat, SMS (text), and Facebook messaging.

Guide Agents’ Interactions

Increase customer retention and drive sales growth by guiding your agents with real-time scripting and messaging templates for voice, chat, text, and email interactions.

Give Agents’ Real-Time Feedback

Drive high performance by giving agents real-time feedback so they can self-manage daily goals.

Ready To Improve Your Customer Experience?

Salesforce Integration

We have deep, pre-built integration with Salesforce that will get you up and running quickly.

Salesforce Integration

Zendesk Integration

Combine Zendesk’s powerful, service-centric CRM and ticket management system with CxEngage for a true omnichannel customer experience.

Zendesk Integration