Updates to Add Participant and Transfer Reporting

October 28, 2018

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What is it?
The following Add Participant reporting statistics are now available:

  • Add Participant Handed Off Count: The total number of times an interaction was handed over to another agent. A hand off occurs when an agent adds another agent or queue as a participant to an interaction. To count as being handed off, the first agent must leave the interaction before the agent who was added as a participant for it.
  • Add Participant Count: The total Add Participant actions initiated for a given date range. This includes participants added successfully (for example, conferenced or handed over) and unsuccessfully (for example, canceled or rejected add participants).
  • Add Participant Time: The amount of time from when the Add Participant action was initiated to when an agent accepts the work, rejects the work, or the
  • Add Participant is canceled by the initial agent. This statistic includes Add Participant actions that complete successfully and those that don’t complete successfully.
  • Completed Add Participant (historical only): The number of add participant actions initiated that completed successfully for the given date range. Add participant actions are successful when the work offer is accepted by an agent. Initiated add participant actions where the work is rejected or cancelled aren’t included in this statistic.

Not Completed Add Participant (historical only): The total number of add participant actions initiated that didn’t complete successfully – for example, the work offer was cancelled before an agent could accept the work or no agents accepted the work offer.

The following Transfer reporting statistics are now available:

  • Completed Transfers (historical only): The total number of transfers initiated where the work was accepted by an agent.
  • Not Completed Transfers (historical only): The total number of transfers initiated where the work wasn’t accepted by an agent.

Existing transfer measures and expressions have been updated so that they no longer include Add Participant actions.

Key Benefit(s)
Provide greater reporting granularity of Add Participant and Transfer Counts.

Good to Know

  • Transfer: Completes a “cold transfer” by sending the caller directly to a queue, transfer list endpoint, or telephone number without the initiating agent waiting to speak to the new agent or for the transfer to complete.
  • Add Participant: Allows an agent to add multiple participants to an active call with options to speak to each individually or merge participants together. The agent can manage each conversation separately with individual call handling controls, merge all participants together for a conference, or transfer the caller to another participant for a “warm transfer”.

Key Links
Transferring Calls and Adding Participants
An agent can transfer an active call to or conference with a queue, another agent, a transfer list destination, or an external number.

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