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Serenova helps our contact center partners and their customers achieve success with the ultimate cloud-based contact center solution. With our omnichannel platform, your customers can elevate their efforts above Customer Experience to start delivering more human experiences. Whether they are beginning their migration to the cloud or looking to scale an existing cloud presence, we provide the platform to move them forward.

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Experience unrivaled simplicity in your contact center partnership with Serenova. We designed our channel partner program with accessibility and ease of adoption in mind. From learning the program and our software to marketing, selling, and profiting, our partner program helps you build expertise to drive growth.

Easy to Learn

Adopt programs and learn our tech fast.

We provide world-class sales and technical product training via documentation, how-to guides, and an LMS that will guide you through the learning process.

Easy to Price

Simple to fit into your price models.

Our Essential, Pro and Ultimate pricing programs make it simple to price out solutions and provide quotes for your prospective customers. Bolt on to your current offerings and go.

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Easy to Attract

Marketing support for integrated campaigns.

We offer joint marketing programs to drive demand. Run pre-built or custom programs, generate leads, and nurture your own prospect lists.

Easy to Sell

Single platform built for versatility.

Our highly reliable, enterprise-tier solution is a single platform made for diverse needs. Achieve wins regardless of business size, industry, or infrastructure.

Easy to Close

Sales support to make deals happen.

We provide sales support to assist you in landing the deal. Your dedicated Account Team is here to help address prospects’ questions and concerns.

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Become a Serenova Partner

Help your customers move to the cloud with confidence.

Partner Program Structure


Service Providers Master Agents Direct Agents Referral
Who are they? Service Providers are resellers. They are typically larger companies who want to have a Contact Center Solution as part of their offering. Serenova offers White label, Grey label, or Serenova branded solutions to support these partners. Master Agents leverage a broker model. They can be either regional or national agents who hold contracts with Technology Providers and make their portfolio of offerings available to their Sub Agents/Sales Partners. Direct Agents leverage a commission based structure. Direct Agents are Managed Service providers, VARs, or Agencies who sell directly to the customer. Referral Partners leverage a ‘finder’s fee’ arrangement. They pass leads directly to Serenova but have no involvement in selling or support.
Who Carries the Paper? Service Provider Serenova Serenova Serenova
Who Owns the Customer Relationship? Service Provider Sub-Agent Direct Agent Serenova
Who Leads the Sales Effort? Service Providers provide frontline sales and solutions support with additional support provided by Serenova territory managers. Jointly led between Sub-Agent/Partner and Serenova Jointly led between Direct Agent and Serenova Serenova
What is the Payout Model? Discounted licensing and service costs. The Service Provider drives the pricing strategy. Monthly Recurring Commission (% of MRR) paid to Master for distribution to Sub Agent/Sales partner Monthly Recurring Commission (% of MRR) paid directly to Agent. One-time flat finder’s fee paid to Referral Partner
Who Provides Technical Support? Service Providers may provide frontline support with additional backend support provided by Serenova Serenova Serenova Serenova
Training Included Included Included Available for a fee

Deliver More Human Experiences and Gain a Competitive Advantage

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Visit our Resource Center for helpful information about moving to the cloud and industry updates.

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