Outbound Contact Center Software

In addition to our AWS-hosted omnichannel cloud contact center CxEngage, Serenova offers LiveOps Classic, a powerful inbound call center solution integrated with outbound call, ACD, IVR capabilities and full integration with Salesforce.com CRM via Open CTI.

Along with inbound call and IVR capabilities, we offer an integrated outbound call center capabilities for sales and proactive customer service. Serenova's cloud-based CxEngage platform and Classic outbound voice call center provides organizations an easy to deploy and scalable solution.

The LiveOps outbound voice call center provides maximum uptime and efficiency for agents with automated dialing functionality. Desktop agents can take advantage of the automated preview and progressive dialers, increasing throughput of outbound calls to prospective or existing customers.

As CxEngage and LiveOps Classic offer inbound and outbound call center features, organizations can capitalize on allocating resources to inbound calls during high peak demand including the holiday season or special occaisions such as Mothers Day or Thanksgiving and then switching these desktop agents to outbound calls during lulls in call volume.

With CxEngage or LiveOps Voice, call center management can monitor highest performing outbound call desktop agents and allocate inbound calls to other agents on a real time basis. LiveOps creates an overall increase in agent productivity at outbound call centers and increases customer satisfaction as the right agents are handling the most appropriate tasks.

Our platforms also integrate seamlessly with third party CRM platforms and proprietary desktops using URL-triggered screen pops. Serenova outbound voice call center solutions integrate your agent environment into CRMS like Salesforce, Zendesk, and Microsoft Dynamics.

Serenova's call center CRM integrations with platforms like Salesforce provide inbound and outbound telephony management, call routing, agent availabiity, CTI screen pop, and call control.