Our Approach to Contact Center as a Service

Simple. Smart. Agile.

These three guiding principles are the foundation on which our software and company are built. They inform our software UI, feature set, and capabilities. This framework for success is a commitment to contact center operators, IT managers, and financial stakeholders. Doing business with Serenova should be straightforward, easy to grow with, and smart enough to adapt to your business and your customers. 

AWS Global Infrastructure

Our new cloud contact center platform pulls no stops and employs no half measures. When you adopt CxEngage, you get rid of on-premise infrastructure and its limitations on scalability. This approach saves you money while realizing greater reliability and world-class power.

  • Rapid Deployment
  • Empowered Multi-Tenancy
  • Instant Scalability
  • Voice in the Cloud

Security and Availability

Two major concerns of those adopting cloud technology are security and reliability. Serenova adopts an array of technologies, methodologies, and fail-safes that keep your data secure and your contact center up and running. Your contact center is a hub connecting your organization with your customers. Make sure it stays secure and available with Serenova.

  • Safe Data on AWS
  • Active Redundancy
  • Enterprise-Class Security
  • Regional Data Residency

Platform Benefits

Intelligent Omnichannel Routing

Route every customer interaction to the right location quickly, while maintaining full context on who they are, what they need, where they’ve contacted you before, and why.

Secure and Reliable

Our platform meets and exceeds industry security standards and uptime SLAs, guaranteeing a platform that’s safe and available for your customers without exception.

Channel Pivot

Enable agents to respond and engage across all your channels, with the ability to cross-train and meet demand anywhere while still routing based on specialties and skills as a first priority. 

Pay for What You Use

Only pay for the bandwidth and infrastructure you use. Our pricing plans are dead simple so you’re never confused about what you’re paying for and getting. 

Simplicity and Rapid Deployment

Our platform was made with ease of use for admins and agents in mind. Empower managers to make adjustments in minutes and agents to respond quickly and effectively. 

On-Demand Scalability

Scale up and down with ease to meet demand when it arises. Seamlessly support even the largest spikes in contact center volume.

Powerful Integration

Our API-First approach means you not only have powerful out-of-the-box CRM and WFM integrations. You also have limitless potential to build deep integrations with your own and 3rd-party systems as needed.

APIs and Integrations

Continuous Innovation

Benefit from agile, ongoing deployments of updates and features. You’ll get constant updates to new additions, refinements, and patches, without missing a beat.

Proven Successes

With over 3 billion interactions handled and individual success metrics for numerous clients to back up our work, you can trust Serenova with your contact center’s business-critical software infrastructure.

Logos of prominent Serenova customers including Salesforce.com and Symantec