LiveOps Classic Platform

Multichannel Contact Center Solution

Serenova makes it easier than ever.

Voice...ChatEmailFacebookTwitter. In today’s environment, the ways customers and business communicate continue to morph and multiply rapidly. Instead of ignoring the trend – or allowing the sweep of new communication channels swamp your customer service operation, join the smartest, most successful companies that set themselves apart by jumping on that train – but fully prepared.

The Serenova Hosted Contact Center solution prepares you for the new ways of doing business – and the new ways of increasing revenue. We do it by bringing all your customer interactions into one place, so you can deliver a single branded continuous interaction with your customers without skipping a beat, and make the most of every opportunity. Improve the efficiency of your service organization, increase customer satisfaction and generate greater sales. With Serenova, the new way of doing business is looking very bright.

Multichannel Routing

Whether your customers prefer to communicate strictly via one-to-one channels such as emailthe phoneweb chat, or through many-to-many channels of social media, or a mixture of them all, Serenova intelligent multichannel routing system routes every customer interaction to the agents who can best help them. That means more efficient contact resolution and happier customers.

Single Agent Desktop

Only the Serenova integrated agent desktop enables your agents to engage with customers quickly and effectively across all channels through a single interface. The result? Agents eliminate the need to Alt-Tab between countless numbers of application windows. And we still don't know who is happier about that: our clients' agents our clients' customers. It's simply the best experience for everybody.