Contact Center Chat Platform

Engage clients in interactive chat sessions delivered to the agent with full journey awareness and context.

Built for the Chat as a Platform Era

Digital consumers with diverse lifestyles and communication preferences are driving adoption of more customer service channels, and none faster than chat. More than half of customers would prefer to use online chat before calling a company, according to the International Contact Management Institute. Now, the app boom of the smartphone adoption era is projected to give way to a chat and SMS boom, partly driven by chat-bots empowered by machine learning and the desire of customers to protect their data from privacy invasive apps in favor of the chat and SMS apps they spend the most time in.

Our live chat solution provides the flexibility to adapt to this new and constantly morphing paradigm, with open APIs, automation features, and machine learning capabilities. With a messaging SDK for building your own web chat app and REST APIs for integrating with API-enabled apps, our customers are more empowered than ever to delight their customers in the digital age. 

Live Chat Features

Intelligent Routing

Route customers to the right agent based on initial message text topic and sentiment analysis, customer history, Service Level Agreement, and more.

Automated Responses

Set auto-responders based on multiple variables, including chat initiation message text, customer information, SLAs, and agent chat volume.

Screen Pop

Agents instantly see customer information, interaction history, and transcripts, for immediate context and efficient handle times.

Messaging Templates

Agents can select from suggested common responses, which update based on customer history, chat text, and other contextual cues. 

Messaging Transcripts

Chat transcripts are immediately stored in searchable contact records for reference in future interactions, from chat, to voice, to SMS, to email. 

Automatic Record Creation

For Skylight Desktop users, if a record doesn’t exist for the chat participant, a new record with transcripts and optional interaction notes will be created.

Facebook Chat Integration

Let customers interact via multiple chat applications including Facebook Messenger. With our open API, you can integrate the chat tools that your customers prefer.

Messaging SDK

A rich Javascript software development kit gives you the tools to develop an embedded chat feature for your website to intelligently route to the most skilled and available agent.


  • Transition contacts seamlessly between channels, agents, and queues
  • Programmable chat short hand – abbreviations that replace with common messages
  • Our messaging SDK lets you create custom web chat applications
  • Chat transfer to other agents or service queues
  • Granular control lets you configure max handle numbers based on multiple factors

Contact Center Chat, Made for the Way You Do Business

Advanced Reporting

From Global to Granular Perspectives

With contextual agent metrics that update depending on the active channel, agents always know how they and the contact center are doing. With custom and out-of-the-box dashboards, managers and leaders can see real time and historical views on chat and other channel performance. 

Omnichannel By Design

Made for the Way You Communicate

Whether working within the Agent Toolbar or the Skylight Desktop, all channels exist in one seamless interface that adapts to the requirements of the active interaction type. Agents can easily pivot across channels and work multiple channel types simultaneously.

Globally Scalable

Made for the Startup or Global Enterprise

Intelligent routing engine and global architecture allows agents to support customer chat requests from across the globe while fulfilling data residency and other data privacy requirements.  With access to 84 global data centers, agents can support customers virtually anywhere in the world, for smooth, lag-free conversations no matter where your customers are.

Infinitely Adaptable

Customizable for the Way You Do Business

With simple configuration, drag and drop flow building, open REST APIs, and a chat messaging SDK for building your own custom chat applications, our chat solution was made to adapt to the way you handle business. Whether you want a solution that works flawlessly out of the box or something you can customize to your needs, CxEngage’s chat solution is up to the task. 

The Omnichannel Chat Solution

Our chat solution is part of the CxEngage cloud contact center platform. CxEngage is the always-on, highly secure, true multi-tenant, and instantly scalable Contact Center as a Service (CCaaS) platform designed to enable exceptional customer experiences, anywhere, anytime. 

Agents can support chats from within Skylight for CxEngage or from the Agent Toolbar embedded in the CRM.