The Inner Circle Guide to Customer Interaction Analytics

A ContactBabel Analyst Report

customer interaction analytics

Customer interaction analytics solutions offer huge opportunities to gain business insight, improve operational efficiency and develop agent performance. With the large number of potential applications for this technology available, it’s easy to become distracted and lose sight of how to target and quantify the business gains they can bring to the table.

Some of the actionable findings from analytics may seem very simple – the recommendation to change a few words in a script, for example – but the overall potential impact upon the cost, revenue, agent capability and customer experience that is possible through analytics is perhaps unprecedented.

ContactBabel’s The Inner Circle Guide to Customer Interaction Analytics is the definitive analyst study of how speech and interaction analytics can be used to influence cost, profitability and quality.

This report is divided into key areas including:

  • the growing use of omnichannel analytics
  • use cases of analytics
  • benefits of analytics
  • resourcing analytics applications
  • the future of analytics


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