Email for the Contact Center

Deliver superior email service with the industry's most powerful routing engine, a rich text editor, and templated responses.

Contact Center Email, Streamlined for Resolution

Route emails to the most skilled and available agent using the same powerful queueing and routing engine used for incoming calls.

With Skylight for CxEngage, agents work on email in the same interface as they handle voice and other digital channels. This maximizes efficiency by enabling pivoting between interaction type, without switching between windows or applications.

Agent efficiency is further enhanced with email templates for quick and repeatable responses. Agents can even add a personalized touch by using the rich text editor to add emphasis to an otherwise plain section of text.

CxEngage Email Features

Intelligent Routing

Route emails based on signaling keywords contained in the subject or body of the customer’s message to ensure every customer is routed to the most skilled agent.

Journey Mapping

Activity logs and email transcripts are organized chronologically alongside chat and call recordings so agents have visibility into historical interactions and a comprehensive view of the customer journey.

Message Templates

Give agents different message templates depending on agent, context, customer, message keywords, queue type, SLA, and other conditions to ensure consistent and repeatable service quality.

Rich Text Editor

Format responses to match your brand and provide clarity in responses on complex topics, instead of an unformatted block of text that may frustrate the customer.


Use your own custom email address and domain to maintain brand consistency.

Native Email

Distribute email work to the most skilled and available agent based on real time capacity rules, without switching to a CRM or third party email application.

CRM & Ticketing Integration

Our one-click install integrations with Salesforce and Zendesk mean your contact center has seamless, two-way sync with your customer system of record.


Tag emails to notify multiple users or queues when a customer responds, to ensure effective handling, even when different responses might require different agents or departments.


  • Let agents seamlessly pivot between channels
  • Show both channel-contextual and channel-agnostic agent stats, front and center
  • Get custom and out-of-the-box live performance and historical reporting dashboards
  • Set skills and proficiency-based rules to route emails to the right agents
  • Personalize emails with merged fields from your CRM system
  • Built-in grammar and spell check for quality assurance

Benefits of the CxEngage Email Solution for Contact Centers

Integrated Agent Environment

Multichannel Command Center

Whether you use our Agent Toolbar embedded in a CRM like Salesforce or Zendesk, or use the Skylight agent desktop with embedded CRM Lite functionality, all your channels are elegantly integrated into a simple yet powerful interface made to empower brighter interactions, insights, and outcomes.

Unified Reporting

Visibility from the Global to the Granular

Get insights from customizable  real-time dashboards and historical reports. Executives can see global, single-tenant reporting across all locations and channels. Managers get reports for their locations. Agents see the real-time and historical metrics that help them succeed.

Effective Outbound

Sales Campaigns and Proactive Support

Run sophisticated outbound campaigns involving event alerts, marketing promotions, sales initiatives, transaction confirmations, and proactive support, all seamlessly integrated with your inbound environment. Blend with SMS for context-specific, multichannel, multi-touch interactions.

Streamlined for Resolution

Designed to Delight with Efficiency

Our agile customer service features work out of the box with basic configuration while allowing creation of complex flows and queueing and routing rules. CxEngage gets messages to the right internal audience and provides contextual tools to resolve the issue at hand for the specific customer. 

The Omnichannel Email Solution

Our email solution is part of the CxEngage cloud contact center platform. CxEngage is the always-on, highly secure, true multi-tenant, and instantly scalable Contact Center as a Service (CCaaS) platform designed to enable exceptional customer experiences, anywhere, anytime. 

Use CxEngage as the Skylight standalone agent desktop with CRM Lite or as an Agent Toolbar embedded directly within CRMs like Salesforce or Zendesk.