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Omnichannel Cloud Contact Center Platform

  • Build fully personalized contact center experiences with tools like drag-and-drop omnichannel Flow Designer and open APIs
  • Simplify the agent experience with two extensible, intuitive environments: a unified workspace with CRM functionality or a CRM-integrated interface
  • Understand and act on data at every level of the organization with a single data pipeline across all tenants
  • Scale up, down, and out without limits with instant provisioning across global AWS data centers and simple burst pricing

Designed to enable exceptional customer experiences, anywhere, anytime

CxEngage drastically reduces the complexity and frustration associated with multiple legacy tools and provides better insight into data and performance than ever before possible. And with the industry's most massively open API architecture you can effortlessly integrate with existing systems and instantly scale to meet demand without sacrificing performance, reliability, or security.

Welcome to the Experience Economy.

Command & Control Architecture

CxEngage uniquely solves the cloud contact center industry’s two biggest problems, call quality & call latency, by using API commands to queue and route calls – reducing the number of call legs by up to 50%. Calls never leave the PBX, which means better performance and significant savings in monthly telco fees.

Future Ready

CxEngage’s API-first architecture means that it not only supports both out-of-the-box and custom integrations with current third-party applications, but also whatever comes next. This means that customers maintain flexibility and leverage to negotiate and accommodate carriers and technologies that may be needed to scale their business in the future – without having to anticipate them today. RESTful APIs offer unmatched flexibility, composability, and integration quality.

AWS Global Infrastructure and Availability

Deployed on AWS, CxEngage offers unparalleled scalability, redundancy, and performance, along with built-in support for global compliance, data privacy, and residency requirements. Reliable and secure with high availability and failover capabilities in every region. 

Omnichannel Management Capabilities


Inbound and outbound calls can be made via webRTC, PSTN, or SIP. Use agent skills, real-time and historical event data, agent availability, messaging keywords, and CRM data to ensure each call is managed in a way that provides the best customer interaction and experience.


A rich Messaging SDK enables quick and easy deployment of interactive chat on your website for customers to instantly reach out to agents. Reduce call volumes, give customers a more immediate channel to engage, and improve customer satisfaction and conversion rates.

Text Messaging

Engage with mobile customers to maintain constant communication and quickly respond to inbound SMS requests, or send outbound SMS reminders and communications individually or in bulk to save time and money.

3rd Party Work

Queue and route work-items such as CRM email, service requests, cases, faxes, and trouble-tickets to the best skilled and available agent to fulfill front and back-office requests and realize a significant reduction in both response and resolution times. 

Effortless Administration

CxEngage's flow designer admin interface

Advanced Flow Designer

Leverage an intuitive drag-and-drop interface to create sophisticated interaction flows without complex programming. Quickly develop interaction flows using re-usable templates provided by CxEngage or create flow templates unique to your business for copy & paste-like functionality.

Global & Remote Workforce Ready

100% browser based with no software or equipment to install makes it easy to support remote workers or a fully virtualized workforce. Compatible with PSTN, SIP, or webRTC technologies for ease of integration into existing infrastructure and rapid scalability - up in capacity and out geographically.

Intelligent Routing

Create teams with specialized knowledge or skills to ensure customers are routed to agents best suited to address their needs and further improve service levels on every channel by using real-time and historical event data or messaging keywords to prioritize routing paths.

Reduced IT Footprint

Integrate with your own CRM for data exchange and enhanced self-service capabilities or use the integrated customer contact management solution with complete interaction history for powerful CRM functionality, without the CRM cost.

Informed Performance

A single data pipeline for both realtime and historical reporting across all tenants means a single source of truth, making it easy to use the system and understand your data.

Real-Time & Historical Reporting

Make sure every decision within your contact center is based on current & actionable data with real-time statistics, key performance indicators, and business analytics. 

Custom Statistics

Create widgets to visualize your data in bar charts, bubbles, columns, stacked columns, donuts, gauges, lines, tables, or as a plain value.

Custom Dashboards

Drag & drop your widgets to design your own custom dashboard so key performance indicators are front and center without having to run individual reports.

Reporting APIs

Readily access real-time and historical data and stream relevant statistics to third-party applications.

A CxEngage reporting dashboard

Serenova provides us with the analytical tools and data to understand what is happening to sales in real time and adjust our activities instantly to boost outcomes.

– Lynn McKenna, Sr. Vice President, AEGON DMS

Simplified Agent Experience

Choose the agent workspace that fits your business. Agents can support simultaneous interactions on a variety of channels through a unified desktop with integrated customer contact management or through an embeddable toolbar to work directly from within the CRM.

Customer Journey Mapping

Full visibility into customer profiles and historical interactions including notes, call recordings, and chat / email transcripts that synchronize with each interaction so agents can focus on the customer rather than the tool.

Performance Monitoring

Customizable agent metrics and presence states integrated directly into the global footer for real-time feedback and self-management of daily goals.

Guided Interactions

Increase customer retention and drive sales growth by guiding agents with real-time scripting and messaging templates for voice, chat, SMS, and email.

Less is More

Link to a knowledge base, product catalog, or external website to draw from a limitless store of information while reducing the number of windows an agent must manage.

Reference Library

Link to a knowledge base, product catalog, or external website to draw from a limitless store of information while reducing the number of windows an agent must manage.

Data Exchange

Sync contact information and interaction history with your CRM in real-time.