CRM Lite and Customer Journey Mapping

With Skylight for CxEngage

Skylight for CxEngage offers agents an omnichannel agent workspace with integrated contact management and customer journey mapping, for CRM functionality, without the CRM cost.

View All Interactions and Customer Details – All in the Same Screen

With CxExchage, agents can view, create and modify contact records and have full visibility to the customer journey – with a timeline of all interactions and detailed notes from previous agents. Agents can also see previous message transcripts and corresponding voice recordings.

Agents can also see and access other enterprise applications in their workspace, leaving their desktop free of the clutter of multiple applications.

The contact management panel can be collapsed and expanded so the agent can focus on the interaction and get the information they need without having to switch between applications.


A Simpler Agent Experience for Better Customer Interactions

Our agent interface was designed for completeness and simplicity. With Skylight for CxEngage, agents have all the information they need to resolve customer questions and issues. The interface is clean and uncluttered, enabling agents to focus on the customer, rather than navigating through many applications.

The Agent Screen – An Overview

The Customer Overview

When any interaction comes in (phone call, SMS or email), the contact name is presented to the agent. The agent then has the opportunity to accept the interaction, based on the initial information customer information shown.

The Customer Info Tab

Agents can also find additional detail about the customer or prospect via the Info tab on the Contact Management Panel.

The Customer History Tab

The agent also has the opportunity to learn about past customer interactions via the customer history tab. The agent can view a timeline of interactions, starting with the most recent. The summaries display each interaction’s channel, date, time, CSAT score (if applicable), subject and resolution status.

Customer Interaction Notes

During each interaction, agents see a collapsed notes pane at the bottom center, below the Messaging and Scripting Window. 

Enhance Your Agent Experience. Improve Customer Interactions.

Purpose-Built CRM

Contact Management for the Contact Center

The essential CRM features every contact center needs, melded into a single agent desktop. Simplify agent workflows, improve customer and agent experience, and reduce frustration and handle time.

Customer Journey Mapping

Complete Timeline of Customer Interactions

Full visibility into historical interactions, including notes, call recordings, and messaging transcripts.  Auto-sync with each interaction so agents can focus on the customer rather than the software.

Reduced Footprint

Contact Center and CRM in One Workspace

Omnichannel contact center meets contact management. Fewer clicks and applications to switch between means greater agent productivity and the ability to support a higher volume of interactions.

Customizable for Your Business

Record Templates and Custom Integrations

Customize record fields to capture what you need to know about customers. Customize functionality using our REST API. Skylight delivers open integration capabilities to provide maximum flexibility.

Looking for a solution that will integrate with your existing CRM?

  • CxEngage does that too.