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LiveOps SMS is part of our LiveOps Classic application suite. For the latest and greatest, check out our AWS-hosted platform CxEngage.

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The future is mobile, with smartphones already outselling computers and SMS, or text messaging, ubiquitous around the world. People and their phones are virtually inseparable, and customers expect to be able to text you from wherever they happen to be. It’s no wonder that, according to the Mobile Marketing Association, over 95% of text messages are read within 15 minutes, and that the typical response rate for SMS is 10 times higher than traditional methods.

With LiveOps Social, agents can reply via SMS, all from the single integrated agent desktop. Outbound SMS is also a time-saving and cost-efficient way to send reminders or updates to your customers.

Features and Benefits

Fast provisioning

Easy to get started quickly. 

Outbound campaign management

Enables broadcast scheduling, throttling and acceptable business hours rules.

Short codes

Offer short codes to make customer responses easy.

Intelligent routing

Use keywords to route inbound SMS messages to the right agents.

Long messages

Support for messages longer than 160 characters. 

Automated responses

Templates let you quickly answer common questions or requests. 

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