LiveOps Recording™

Gain unprecedented insight into agent performance

The first truly cloud-enabled screen recording application

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Improve agent effectiveness and maximize every customer contact with 100% call recording, as well as the first truly cloud-enabled screen recording application in the market. Unlike traditional on-premise solutions, cloud-based LiveOps Recording can capture as many concurrent agent screen interactions as needed without any hardware or software limitations. And, all recordings are encrypted securely in LiveOps data centers and can be retrieved for playback from a web browser for up to 1 year.

Quality monitoring

Record any agent’s call activity, anywhere in the world and then play back that recording from anywhere. And, with optional screen recording, you get the added assurance that agents are not only saying the right things, but they are doing the right things as well.

Agent training & best practices

Use call and screen recording playbacks as part of your agent training process, with the ability to show agents specifically where they’re doing a great job and where they can improve skills or efficiencies in their processes

Performance reviews

Since LiveOps Recording also provides storage of recordings for up to 1 year, contact centers can use call and screen recordings as part of fair and representative performance reviews. Additionally, screen recordings can be used as part of dispute resolution as one can not only hear what the caller and agent said, but also see what the agent actually did.

Compliance & fraud detection

Demonstrate that your agents are not only saying the right things, but they are also doing the right things. And, with online access to the actual screen recordings, you can reduce potential liability and help detect suspicious activity involving customer sensitive information.

Features and Benefits

Quality monitoring from anywhere

In-browser playback of the screen recording and audio call

On-demand scalability

Capture as many concurrent agent interactions as needed

Recording transparency

Seamless and uninterrupted agent desktop experience

Fine-tuning configuration

Able to configure at the Contact Center, Campaign and Agent level