LiveOps Chat™

The smart online customer engagement with multichannel

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LiveOps Chat is part of our LiveOps Classic application suite. For the latest and greatest, check out our AWS-hosted platform CxEngage.

The age of the digital consumer is driving increasing adoption of real-time online interaction channels to improve the customer experience and drive higher conversion rates. LiveOps Chat provides a better integrated experience for online customers with sophisticated capabilities that deliver just-in-time customer engagement to drive faster resolution and higher sales.

Improve customer experience with digital engagement

Enable personalized chat experience with access to multichannel customer interactions history so you have the pulse of the customer.

Increase revenue and web conversion rate

Just-in-time online engagement can help you close more sales and reduce abandon rate.

Deliver fast and accurate first contact resolution

Leverage queue-specific and skill-based routing to ensure a chat session is delivered to the right agent.

Reduce operational costs and improve agent productivity

Get the benefits of a true cloud solution and out-of-the-box multichannel capabilities.

Unlike other chat solutions, LiveOps Chat is an integral part of the LiveOps Engage™ multichannel solution that provides agents with a 360-degree view of customer interactions across all channels. For example, when agents engage in a chat session with an online customer, they have full visibility into all chat history, as well as previous voice call, SMS, email, and social media interactions. With LiveOps Chat, you deliver a seamless customer experience and best-of-class service—quickly, easily, and efficiently.

Intelligent Chat Interactions

  • Skill-based routing to best available agent
  • Business rules such as business hours, agent availability, and priority assignment for each chat session
  • Channel pivoting from chat to email, social, or voice for a seamless cross-channel experience
  • Multi-model capability to interact with different media types

Just-in-Time Engagement

  • Click-to-Chat offers live, in-browser customer service
  • Proactive Chat offer for immediate connection with a live person
  • Session-based timer allows it to continue onto other pages
  • Pop-up based on wait time
  • Customize separate window for each pop-up
  • Customize greeting messages for each agent queue
  • Built in contact us form when agents are not available

Integrated Agent Interface

  • Complete view of all previous chat sessions and all other channel interactions (voice, email, social, SMS)
  • Pre-defined templates for consistent quality and response
  • Full transfer, re-assign, and reply to all chats
  • Up to 10 simultaneous chats
  • Built-in spell check

Personalized Customer Experience

  • Customize chat window with own brand, logo, colors, and more
  • Agent alias based on specific customer interaction
  • CRM integration for agent screen pop
  • Multi-language support

Smart Business Analytics

  • Integrated reporting of all customer and agent interactions across all channels in a single system
  • Real-time dashboard for supervisors to monitor key KPIs such as average chat length
  • Archive full chat transcripts with time and date stamping

True Cloud Advantage

  • Software- as-a-Service with zero footprint requirements
  • Scalable platform with capacity on demand
  • Industry-proven reliability handling billions of transactions every year
  • Multi-layered security and industry standards compliance (PCI, SAS 70, SOX 404, HIPAA)
  • Hassle-free maintenance
  • Access to latest technology with continuous upgrades

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