Eight Reasons to Move from an On-Premises Contact Center to the Cloud

By Jeff Thompson | June 28, 2016

So you’re considering a move to the cloud—a cloud-based contact center, that is. You’ve had on-premises technology for years. It’s worked well, but it has served its purpose and you’re ready to do something different.

The cloud is appealing for many reasons. And you’re probably not alone in your desire to adopt the cloud—but maybe others in your company are not yet convinced. Here are eight reasons you should move from an on-premises contact center to the cloud.

Fast, easy deployment. Sign up, set up and you’re ready to go nearly immediately. No ordering equipment, waiting for delivery and needing IT support for installation before you can get started.

Pay for only what you use. The cloud is on-demand. Again, no hardware or maintenance costs—pay for what you use, when you use it.

Scalability. Add more capacity during busy times and scale back when things slow down. It’s simple and seamless.

Customization to meet your every need. There are endless options available. Customize one function or a whole dashboard—you’re in charge.

Work from anywhere. With the cloud, customer service agents can be located anywhere—in a central office, working from home or a combination of the two.

Security? Check. Cloud-based services have layers of security built-in to protect your data, your systems and your customers. And it’s likely updated more frequently than your hardware security measures.

Integration with your CRM, WFM, BI and other productivity software. No need to upgrade all of your software. Use what you have in place, what you’re comfortable with—it will work with the cloud.

Automatic updates. You don’t have to set a reminder to update your software or system—it’s done for you. One less thing to have on your “to do” list.

Is the choice more clear now? Companies around the world have moved to the cloud and experienced the benefits. One of those companies is Boundless, formerly CSMA Club, in the U.K. Similar to AAA in the U.S., Boundless offers exclusive trips, discounts, and more to its more than a quarter-million members. Customer service is a top priority but Boundless found its legacy on-premises contact center solution was outdated. After a lengthy competitive evaluation, Boundless chose Serenova’s multichannel contact center software platform to transport its contact center into the 21st century.

With Serenova, Boundless has been able to streamline and improve the customer experience. The Member Services Team is better able to anticipate the needs of members and provide proactive service. The team can make changes without the need for IT support, which improves accessibility and control. And they’ve taken advantage of the ability to customize features, such as a callback feature that allows members to enter their international phone number and request a call back if wait times are longer than a few minutes.

Serenova is here to help. If you’re interested in learning more about cloud-based contact centers, check out our website and information on Boundless’ Serenova implementation.

Image courtesy of thaikrit at FreeDigitalPhotos.net.