How Does Your Contact Center Stack Up Against the Competition?

By Michelle Burrows | October 3, 2019
Does your contact center stack up

We talk a lot about the importance of customer experience. In fact, in today’s always-on, digital world of sky-high consumer expectations, getting customer experience right is as critical to an organization as price and product or service. Quite simply, your customer experience drives the success of your business. But how does your contact center stack up?

As the frontline for many organizations, customer experience can live, die or thrive in the contact center. It takes optimizing all areas of your contact center operations to win in customer experience.

So, how does your contact center stack up against your competitors? In what areas are you strongest? Where is there room to grow? And, importantly, what are the most successful organizations doing to stay ahead and deliver the kind of experience that keeps customers happy, loyal and coming back?

Take the Serenova Contact Center Maturity Assessment

The contact center leaders we talk to tell us answers to these questions would provide valuable insights to help them manage their contact centers for success. That’s why we partnered with Nemertes Research to develop the Serenova Contact Center Maturity Assessment.

The assessment is based on research conducted by Nemertes identifying what successful companies are doing in their contact centers to deliver exceptional customer experience.

 Take the Serenova Contact Center Maturity Assessment and discover how you compare to other contact centers in:

  1. Leadership and staffing
  2. Technology and integrations
  3. Agent analytics

How It Works

After completing the 10-minute survey, you’ll receive a report that shows how you rank—where you’re leading and where you’re falling behind—so you can better understand what you need to focus on to deliver a truly one-of-a-kind customer experience through every channel of your contact center.

You’ll get a score in the three foundational areas: leadership and staffing; technology and integrations; and agent analytics and insights. But don’t worry, you won’t be given a diagnosis and then simply sent on your way to make sense of it.

Your custom report and scorecard will identify the areas that need more attention, based on how you compare to the most successful contact centers in the Nemertes research. We’ll also arm you with helpful resources with insights, best practices and actionable tips and recommendations. These resources will help fill the gaps so you can improve your operations and optimize your customer experience,

To find our how you stack up against the competition and move ahead, take the assessment.

Michelle Burrows is Chief Marketing Officer at Serenova, where she leads the company’s global marketing strategy, brand development, communications and demand generation. Prior to joining Serenova, Michelle was Vice President of Marketing and Analytics at Comcast Business, leading the customer loyalty contact center. Prior to Comcast, she served as Vice President of Demand Marketing for inContact (NICE inContact) and held key leadership positions at Rally Software (CA Technologies), Verint Systems and Genesys Conferencing (West Corporation).