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How We Shine

Family has always been - and always will be - one of, if not THE most, important priority in my life. When I took over as CEO of Serenova, I set out to make our top goal to build an awesome company that people would love to work for – so much so that it would extend beyond their daily work and into their family lives. That it wouldn’t just be the product of our work that fueled and fulfilled us – but how we worked together that would truly set Serenova apart.That said, there’s something I’ve learned about family over the years.

Welcome to the Contact Center, AWS!

The Serenova team and I just got back from Enterprise Connect and it was once again an amazing show. Our friends at UBM did a phenomenal job of capturing and capitalizing on both the momentum and ongoing digital transformation of the Communications, Collaboration, and Contact Center spaces.In addition to the fantastic visibility, coverage and feedback we received around our new Skylight Desktop release for CxEngage, we also got to experience firsthand, the energy and excitement around shifting technologies in the space.Twilio’s Jeff Lawson may have summed it up best when he advocated for a ret

Serenova – A Look Back on 2016

I just came off our annual Sales Kick-off and our beginning of the year All-Hands kick-off. I love doing those because it provides an opportunity to set the stage for the coming year and reflect on all we’ve accomplished. And, man, when I look back on 2016, the company and team have blown it out of the water.

Five Easy Steps to Enhance Your Knowledgebase for Improved Customer Service

You’ve heard it before: “Knowledge is power.” There is a basic human desire to learn. And as much as people want to learn, they also want to help themselves. They want to easily find an answer or resolution to an issue and move on. They do not want to struggle when searching a website or have to contact a company. If you can make it easy for people to find what they are looking for, they will thank you and become repeat customers. If it isn’t easy, they may move along—and take their dollars with them.There’s been lots of talk about the rise of “self-service” in customer service.

Our Team at Your Service: New and Refreshed Approach to Support

In the conversations I have with our customers and prospects every day, I’m constantly amazed at the lengths you all go to in support of your companies and your customers. And you deserve the same level of support from us in return. This is Serenova’s top priority moving forward and we hope you experience that firsthand. Over the last year, we’ve invested in new support services and pilot programs, enhanced and streamlined them with your feedback, and also uncovered a few more areas where we still need to improve to better serve you moving forward.

Welcome to Serenova!

By Vasili TriantThis past year has been all about positive transformation for our company, our team, and our customers. Today, we took the next step in that journey. I’m thrilled to announce that as of this morning, LiveOps Cloud is now officially Serenova! As you may remember, LiveOps Cloud was acquired by Marlin Equity Partners in December 2015 and we began a nearly year-long separation process from our former parent company, LiveOps, Inc.

Congratulations to AWS for Maintaining the Lead in Gartner MQ

Our partner, Amazon Web Services (AWS), was – once again - named the definitive leader in Gartner’s Magic Quadrant for Public Cloud Storage Services. In fact, an article on The Next Web even called AWS “the king of cloud Infrastructure as a service (IaaS) providers.”

The Four Best Practices to Implement a Contact Center Quality Monitoring Program That Counts

It’s something you hear on nearly every phone call to a business: “This call may be monitored and recorded for quality assurance purposes.” Most people disregard that part of the call and nothing ever comes of it. But what do companies do with those recordings to follow through on the “assuring quality” element? Some companies do nothing. They may have good intentions of improving quality but don’t have the resources or internal champion necessary to follow through.