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An AWS-Based Cloud Contact Center Solution

Why It Matters for Your Business

Considering a contact center in the cloud? When you transform your on-premise call center to a true cloud contact center with Serenova, the stars are the limit. Only Serenova lets your business rapidly deploy an instantly scalable, true multi-tenant contact center solution hosted on Amazon Web Services (AWS). Discover benefits that help you deliver unmatched quality of service, flexibility and business results.

Enterprise-Class Contact Center for All

Through the power of cloud computing, businesses of any size can wield on-demand capacity and global-scale communications once accessible only to the largest enterprises. No need to consider whether to purchase infrastructure you don’t need today in order to prepare for growth tomorrow. With Serenova, your contact center scales with you.

Rapid Deployment

Become operational in an instant.

Serenova accelerates your contact center’s time to value. In fact, with no hardware or software hosted on-premise, you can be up and running quickly and easily, in less than a day. Plus, Serenova contact center software is easy to use and requires much less training than typical call center solutions.

Instant Scalability

Global scalability without delay.

No matter how many agents you have or where they are located, Serenova is available to you anytime, anywhere—in an instant. Provision a tenant in a new business region instantaneously. Scale up or down to support even the largest spikes in contact center volume with "dynamic bursting". 

Multi-Tenancy Power

Agility in even the most advanced contact center.

Every customer is on the same version of Serenova. That means no customer is left behind when the latest features, the most advanced technologies and the strongest security enhancements are introduced. The result? An unprecedented level of innovation and collaboration within your community.

Voice in the Cloud

Next-gen voice and SMS, to and from anywhere.

Reduce global routing latency, improve voice quality, and lower costs with calls that originate and terminate in the same cloud. Make calls to and take calls from anyone, anywhere. Establish a local presence on a global scale, with local numbers available in over 55 countries across the globe. 

Cost Savings

Achieve a world-class contact center presence at a fraction of the traditional cost by cutting out hardware costs and paying only for what you need.

  • Reduce IT Footprint
  • Lower Startup Costs
  • Turn CapEx into OpEx
  • Pay by Channel & Feature
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AWS Advantage

Our cloud contact center is hosted on AWS, the leader in the Gartner Infrastructure as a Service Magic Quadrant for five consecutive years. With our AWS call center solution, take advantage of cloud infrastructure that’s 10x bigger than its next 14 competitors combined.

  • Global Infrastructure
  • Secure Environment
  • Speed to Market
  • Failover Ready


With AWS as our platform’s backbone, you get world-class reliability features to keep your contact center online no matter what.

  • Failure Recovery
  • Elastic Load Balancing
  • Active/Active Redundancy
  • Latency-Based Routing

What is a Hosted Contact Center?

A hosted or cloud-based contact center platform provides the technical foundation to run a contact center using a Software as a Service model. There’s no need to buy and maintain prohibitively expensive hardware. A true cloud contact center does not even require a handset. All you need is a computer and an internet connection.

Why Cloud for Contact Centers? 

Own Less. Command More. Decrease costs while tapping limitless potential.

  • checkmarkReduced costs
  • checkmarkFaster startup
  • checkmarkGlobal reach
  • checkmarkInstant scalability
  • checkmarkReliable and secure