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Extend Your Contact Center Functionality

A selection of our available contact center integrations

Contact Center APIs

CxEngage was developed API-First, giving you the framework and building blocks to extend the platform and build your own custom app and integrations while leveraging our powerful queueing, routing, and reporting engine.

You can use the CxEngage call center API to extend the platform and compose your own solutions, any way you want, whether you’re looking to:

  • incorporate CxEngage into your own app
  • customize the UI
  • build connectors to integrate with 3rd party tools and gateways
  • customize and stream real-time data to build complex reports

The CxEngage call center API uses REST architecture. The API indicates API errors via HTTP response codes and has predictable, resource-oriented URLs. All responses from the API return as JSON.


Use the REST API to configure an instance of CxEngage without using the configuration interface or to integrate with another application.

The Public REST API can be used to configure or integrate the following and more:

  • Tenants
  • User Profiles
  • Roles and Permissions
  • Skills
  • Regions
  • Queues
  • Flows
  • Notations
  • Campaigns
  • Media
  • Dispatch Mappings
  • Integrations
  • Business Hours

Example of a Push notification for our contact center API
Example of a REST response for our cloud contact center API
Example of a Get request for our cloud contact center reporting API
Example of a Get response for our cloud contact center reporting API

Reporting API

Use the Reporting API to retrieve statistics related to your tenants and their resources and stream that data into 3rd party business intelligence tools. 

The Reporting API can retrieve a variety of Tenant, Agent/Resource, Queue, and Interaction stats that include but are not limited to the following stat types: 

  • Instance/Count
  • Duration/Time
  • Utilization
  • Service Level
  • Percentage
  • Gauge 
  • Retrieve Agents/Resources
  • Retrieve Queued Detailed Lists


The following integrations were built using our REST API and can be enabled in CxEngage with a single click.


Experience contact center clarity integrated right into the environment where you work the most. Our CRM integrations tightly unify our agent toolbar with your preferred system of record for continuous data exchange.

Salesforce Classic

The CxEngage Salesforce integration deeply integrates your cloud contact center into your CRM to maximize agent productivity and customer satisfaction. 

Embedded Toolbar          Click-to-Dial
CTI Screen Pop                Data Exchange

Salesforce Service Desk

Emails sent to an agent automatically create cases or are added to an existing case in Salesforce. A Push Topic then sends a notification to the CxEngage Agent Toolbar with a work offer, where Agents reply to the email directly from the Agent toolbar.

Automatic Case Creation           Automatic Case Update
Agent Push Notifications           In-Toolbar Replies


The current Zendesk integration provides toolbar support for all currently supported channels along with a managed package to easily add the CxEngage Agent Toolbar to an instance of Zendesk.

Embedded Toolbar       Easy-Install Package

3rd-Party REST/JSON APIs

With CxEngage’s API, you can GET, POST, PUT, or DELETE data to or from any CRM platform with a REST or JSON-based API.

Two-Way Data Exchange         Flexible Architecture


Use the telephony provider of your choosing, deeply integrated into your cloud contact center. More options coming soon.


The Twilio Voice client enables connectivity and IVR capabilities with local #s in 41 Countries and the ability to call 208 Countries.

Custom Integrations

With the help of Serenova professional services and our CxEngage APIs, you can integrate voice solutions from any WebRTC voice provider offering access to a REST or JSON API.


Receive and send SMS in CxEngage as part of your inbound and outbound communication workflows.


The Twilio SMS client enables messaging capabilities in all countries.

3rd-Party REST/JSON APIs

As long as your SMS provider allows JSON or REST API access, you can deploy your text messaging solution of choice with CxEngage.


Integrate messaging applications directly into your contact center to create a unified agent workspace and an omnichannel experience for customers.

Facebook Messenger

This integration enables agents to respond to Facebook Messaging requests directly from a common messaging interface within the CxEngage Agent interface.

Web Chat App

Enable a front-end chat feature that lets your web site users start a chat that agents can handle directly within the CxEngage common messaging interface.

More integrations coming soon. Stay tuned.

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