Why Serenova?

We’re not your typical cloud contact center vendor. Here’s why we’re different.

Our contact center roots

It’s a little-known fact, but Serenova started out as a business process outsourcer, meaning we actually were a contact center before we evolved into a cloud contact center solution company. We built our own cloud solution because we deeply understood the technology challenges that both we and our customers needed to solve.

Our solution continued to evolve based on lessons learned after developing contact center software for 15 years. The result is that CxEngage, our unified cloud contact center platform, was built from the ground up for contact centers by a contact center. We didn’t inherit another company’s architecture or force-fit an acquisition’s technology into our platform. Rather, we intimately understand contact centers’ challenges and built our cloud technology from scratch to best support them.

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Fundamentals First

Our approach is to really understand your core problems and build solutions that solve them. To that end, we work hard to knock it out of the park when it comes to solving contact centers’ biggest concerns such as:

  • Stability: “Will it work when I need it?”
  • Reliability: “Can I trust it will always be up and running?”
  • Scalability: “Can it expand or shrink to fit my needs (and not the other way around)?”

These are the core fundamentals every contact center needs to run their business. We believe these three building blocks are critical for contact centers to be successful and that’s where we focus our development efforts.

Laser Focus on Making Our Customers Successful

We have one focus: helping you take advantage of the cloud and achieving outstanding results by reducing costs, boosting efficiency, and improving the customer experience. We’re tightly focused on helping contact centers of all sizes easily move to the cloud so they can harness its advantages, too. When you’re ready to make your move, we’ll be there to help and make it as painless as possible.

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