Professional Customer Experience Consulting

A proper contact center implementation requires professional consulting. Get your customer experience program started quickly and efficiently.

Accelerate your contact center implementation and minimize risk

Most contact center professional services teams, while striving to provide quality services, have the goal of selling as much professional services on an ongoing basis as possible. Serenova is different. Our preferred proven methodology involves fully training customer teams on our self-service tools to minimize operational costs and maximize operational agility. We prefer to make you as self-sufficient as you want to be, resulting in your team achieving maximum value in our solution. This approach is enabled by the incredible ease of use of our user interfaces, which just isn’t possible with many other contact center solutions.

We have dedicated resources experienced in a variety of disciplines, ready to work closely with your team to deliver outstanding business results on-time and on-budget.

Achieve your most ambitious business goals

The world-class Serenova Professional Services team is here to work hand in hand with your organization as we jointly implement and operate your cloud contact center platform. By employing simple, proven methodologies and best practices, the Serenova Professional Services team will work with you to rapidly deploy and manage advanced contact center solutions, delivering superior business results while minimizing ongoing costs and complexities.

Whether you’re looking for an advanced voice routing solution, advanced IVR capability, omnichannel, or out-of-the-box or customized application integrations, the Serenova Professional Services team is ready to partner with your team to deliver ongoing success.

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