Cloud Contact Center Software

Serenova envisions a world where customer experiences are so fluid and effortless that they're simply taken for granted. We're building that world with software that connects data, people, and brands for brighter interactions, insights, and outcomes.

Cloud Contact Center Platform
The CxEngage cloud contact center Skylight agent interface

Cloud Contact Center Software

Serenova’s omnichannel cloud call center software is the first cloud-based system to solve the top 3 challenges faced by every contact center: call quality & latency issues, unnecessary telco fees, and limitations on scalability.

Our call center technology represents more than 15 years in the space combined with forward-thinking vision, realized in a built-from-the-ground-up platform hosted on AWS. 

The CxEngage™ Platform

CxEngage is the always-on, highly secure, true multi-tenant, and instantly scalable Contact Center as a Service (CCaaS) platform designed to enable exceptional customer experiences anywhere anytime.

Simple. Smart. Agile.

Enterprise Class – No Matter Your Size

From small shop to Global enterprise, Serenova puts you in command of the customer experience with a smart, powerful, and highly reliable contact center platform.

One Platform

Own less. Command more.

Omnichannel engagement in a single pane of glass and an API first architecture simplifies engagement for all stakeholders and unifies your favorite applications into a single and powerful tool stack.

True Cloud

No Baggage. No Constraints.

Whether you're adding new customers, agents, channels, locations, or facing an unanticipated burst – scale and adapt your resources to always align with demand wherever, whenever, while paying only for what you use.

Operational Advantage

Cutting Edge Tech. Next Gen Ops.

Leverage the best available technology to drive competitive advantage and enterprise value through streamlined systems, processes, and expenses – all while aligning departments and stakeholders to your topline business initiatives.

Informed Outcomes

Enlightened Performance.

Make better decisions and drive predictable, repeatable results with easy access to actionable real-time data and historical statistics, key performance indicators, and business analytics.

How much can a cloud call center platform save you?

Calculate your cost savings when you invest in the right tools.

  • Improve agent productivity
  • Reduce agent attrition
  • Increase customer lifetime value

Building a brighter world, one experience at a time

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